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Jungle Tour II

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Been planting for about 2yrs now, during this time I have had the opportunity to learn much from these multicellular eukaryotic life-form of Kingdom Plantae 🌱, that borrow much from the existence of humans. Other than learning from them and enjoying it as a hobby, planting has helped me overcome an issue I have dealt with for a long time, Anxiety. I am humbled to be a daddy of close to 30 species of plants in the house. Saying I enjoy maximum supply of Oxygen will be a show off😌 Loving this journey ❤️. #plantstoyourface

Travel with NAKUTI

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Allow me to give the @BE Experience Company a shout out  for putting together this trip down the coast, Sijui walijuwa nilikuwa nimehata Mombasa.

It had been close to one and a half years since I stepped foot there . Maexcitements nazo, nikasema round hii lazima  ni document kitu, Story ya ku post mapicha pekee, tumewacha.Tupigie mafans  sinema  wajienjoy ama namna gani?

Kuongezea chumvi BE   wakanipandisha ndege na Kutulalisha @Sarova Whitesands , Msee nini ingine kama sio content safii.

Enjoy the watch, Subscribe Youtube, na uwache comment.