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Welcome to my Blog, looking forward to having great time with you as I share my Greenfinger skills, Travel Diaries, Behind the Scenes of my Creative Assignments and who knows I might surprise you Ā sometime with some hot Marital Tea.

Jungle Tour II

Jungle Tour II 2560 1707 nAkdmin

Been planting for about 2yrs now, during this time I have had the opportunity to learn much from these multicellular eukaryotic life-form of Kingdom Plantae šŸŒ±, that borrow much from…

Travel with NAKUTI

Travel with NAKUTI 2560 1280 nAkdmin

  Allow me to give the @BE Experience Company a shout out Ā for putting together this trip down the coast, Sijui walijuwa nilikuwa nimehata Mombasa. It had been close to…